NM All Purpose Cleaner w/ Trigger Spray 32 oz
NM All Purpose Cleaner w/ Trigger Spray 32 oz
NM All Purpose Cleaner w/ Trigger Spray 32 oz
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Product details
  • Destroys 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, without leaving a harmful chemical residue
  • An effective disinfectant for use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other areas
  • Anti-bacterial formula
  • Great for cleaning all around the home

Use Sites

Homes, basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garbage storage areas, living rooms, mudrooms, nurseries, playrooms, storage rooms, upholstery, curtains, pet areas, crates, pet carriers, pet bedding, pet toys, litter boxes

Use Surfaces

Sinks, faucets, walls, cabinets, cupboards, door handles, doorknobs, drawer pulls, railings, light fixtures, shelves, metal, stainless steel, linoleum, behind and under counters, hard, non-porous floors, kitchen surfaces, cabinets, tabletops, appliance exteriors, restroom surfaces, vanity tops, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, showers, shower curtains, exterior toilet surfaces, garbage cans, diaper pails, cribs, play structures, furniture, fabric, upholstery, window treatments, bedding, blankets, draperies, carpets, hampers, pet areas or surfaces, stuffed animals